Martine Rothblatt Is the Highest-Paid Female CEO in America. She Was Also Born Male. — New York Magazine

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Only about 5 &#13
per cent of the companies in the Fortune 500 are operate by women of all ages double the sample size, and the proportion is the identical. Payment concentrations for female CEOs appear to lag as well, even though it’s tricky to explain to due to the fact there are so couple of them. On a current listing of America’s 200 best-paid out CEOs, only 11 ended up girls, and their median fork out was $1.6 million significantly less than their male friends. Specific of these women of all ages are currently house names: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, No. 34 on the checklist, who gained $25 million final yr, and Hewlett-Packard’s Meg Whitman, No. 95, who acquired $18 million. But the best-paid out female CEO in The usa is not almost as effectively recognized. She is Martine Rothblatt, the 59-year-aged founder of United Therapeutics—a publicly traded, Silver Spring, Maryland–based pharmaceutical company—who manufactured a past fortune as a founder of Sirius radio, a industry she entered as an legal professional specializing in the law of space. But what’s actually incredible about Rothblatt’s ascent is not that she has leaned in, or out, or experienced any individual ideas about obtaining it all. What sets Rothblatt aside from the other gals on the checklist is that she—who gained $38 million very last year—was born male. &#13

“It’s like profitable the lottery,” Rothblatt stated happily, about viewing her title atop the record, through a single of the meetings I had with her this summer season. But Rothblatt could not be significantly less intrigued in developing herself as a function design for females. “I just cannot declare that what I have achieved is equivalent to what a lady has realized. For the initial fifty percent of my lifetime, I was male,” she claimed.

In individual, Martine is spectacular, like a tall lanky teenage boy with breasts. She wears no makeup or jewelry, and she inhabits her muted clothing—cargo trousers, a T-shirt, a floppy button-down thrown on top—in the youthful, offhand way of the tech elite. Martine is transgender, a energy trans, which helps make her an even rarer species in the company jungle than a feminine CEO. And she would seem truly to revel in her self-crafted in-betweenness. Just following her intercourse-reassignment surgical procedures in 1994, her visual appearance was much more feminine than it is today—old pics demonstrate her sporting lipstick, her lengthy, curly hair free about her shoulders. But in the many years since she has designed her own unisexual style. She is a particular person for whom gender issues enough to have been through radical surgery, but not enough to treatment no matter whether she’s identified as he or she by people today, like her 83-year-aged mom, who from time to time get rid of track of which pronoun to use.

What she prefers to be called is “Martine.” To her 4 youthful grandchildren she is “Grand Martine.” Bina Aspen, the girl who married Martine 33 several years in the past, when Martine was a gentleman, and remains her devoted wife, calls herself not straight or homosexual but “Martine-sexual”—as in the only person she needs to have sexual intercourse with is Martine. Jointly Martine and Bina have 4 kids, and they refer to Martine as “Martine” in conversations with strangers. At home, they simply call her “Dad.”

In 1995, just immediately after her transition, Martine posted The Apartheid of Sexual intercourse, a slender manifesto that insisted on an overhaul of “dimorphic” (her word) gender categories. “There are 5 billion men and women in the world and five billion special sexual identities,” she wrote. “Genitals are as irrelevant to one’s function in society as pores and skin tone. Consequently, the legal division of individuals into males and women is as wrong as the legal division of persons into black and white races.” In its place, she recommended, persons could possibly far better convey their gender and sexual identities on a spectrum, possibly in phrases of color: Inexperienced could be “an similarly aggressive/nurturing human being who does not try out to appear sexy” (lime environmentally friendly anyone a tiny much less intense), and purple somebody light, nourishing, and erotic in equivalent measure.

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