Everything you need to know about security doors

Everything you need to know about security doors

Are you ready to install a new security door at your house –portes asfaleias? Do you need to know which are the best security doors in the market? If you answered yes to these two previous questions, you are in the right place.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when buying a security door.

The type and brand of the security door

This is a very important thing to bear in mind when buying a product, especially when it has to do with the security of our property but also many times of our own life, is the choice of this product to be made by a well-known company, years in the field which to inspire confidence in us. Unfortunately, there are products on the domestic market that do not meet the safety standards and are of dubious quality and origin. There are many Greek companies that manufacture armored security doors, offering high levels of security and quality many times higher than other European areas.

Security Certifications

An armored security door must have a burglary certification (the most important certification) knowing to the consumer the security that this door can provide. Anti-burglary certification is categorized into classes 1-6. The higher the grade, the safer it is, thus showing us the anti-burglary protection it provides according to international standards. Additional certifications are those of sound insulation and thermal insulation. Choose from dozens of designs and colors for the best aesthetic result from the Alfino door company.

Warranty and proof of quality

Many companies in the field provide a guarantee of good operation of the product. This can range from 1 to 10 years. It is very important to pay attention to what exactly this guarantee includes so as not to be surprised when the door creates a problem of either operation or security.


Repair and other services

During our selection we should be informed about the service provided by the company from which we will choose the security door. If a security door for any reason suddenly does not lock or does not close it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Type of shield of the security door

The type of shield is important when choosing a security door. There are two types of shielding: single shielding and double shielding. The single shield usually consists of a one-piece boat (outer side of the door) and 1 to 3 ribs (inner side of the door).

The double shield also has a one-piece boat (outer side of the door) 3 or more nerves inside, thermal insulation (necessary for energy-efficient spaces), sound insulation and finally inside the door a one-piece metal sheet. So the larger the shield, the more robust the door, providing greater security.

Clever Pass security door from the company Alfino Doors which automatically locks in 18 points every time it closes and unlocks with your fingerprint!

Type and quality of steel sheet on the security door

The main part of a security door is made of steel sheet (sheet metal). Quality and thickness are important. The best quality sheet metal for the construction of an armored security door is the electro-galvanized sheet which does not rust (this type of sheet metal is used in the automotive industry) types such as black or decapee rust with the result that after a while the door creates problems. The thickness of the sheet varies from 0.5 -1.5mm.

The most common and which meets all safety and durability standards is the 1mm. Smaller thickness creates significant strength and safety problems in a burglary attempt.

Metal case of the security door

The metal case is what supports the security door. Important factors are the thickness, the configuration and the painting of the case. The correct sheet metal thickness of a case is 2mm, smaller thickness e.g. 1.25mm does not offer the required support and durability. The case profile must be designed to provide maximum resistance to attempted door breakage. Finally, the metal body should be painted with electrostatic painting, offering resistance to time and weather conditions.

Type of safety or simple lock

The type of lock on a security door plays the most important role for our security. Modern locks are cylinder locks. There are too many types and for this we should pay attention to some points that provide us with extra security (eg defender, catapult, etc).

The safety cylinder and the defender (protection of the cylinder) are placed together with the lock. As with locks, there are many types of safety locks. Security rollers that can only be copied with the ownership card provide greater security.


Reinforcement in a security door mainly satisfy the aesthetic part and sometimes protect the door from extreme weather conditions such as rain, humidity, etc. (aluminum coatings). The types of investments are divided into:

Aluminum cladding

There are pantograph designs, handmade, with stainless steel surfaces, etc. See the drawings here. Investments with solid wood are rare due to the high cost. What must be taken care of is the selection of the appropriate investment for the space where the security door will be placed. For example in a door that is exposed to rain, humidity, etc. one should not choose a varnish or laminate upholstery but aluminum.

Installation procedure of security door

The last point to pay attention to is the installation of the security door in our space. Many companies have their own workshops which are well trained for the excellent placement of their product. It is very important that a security door is installed correctly, avoiding in the future problems of either our operation or our security.

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