Boy, 7, swallows an AIRPOD he got as a Christmas gift and is rushed to the ER

A 7-yr-aged Georgia boy was rushed to the emergency area right after swallowing an Apple AirPod he acquired as a Christmas gift.   

Kiara Stroud, the 2nd grader’s mom, obtained the surprising news while delivering mail for her position with USPS when her mother known as her on December 27. 

‘She was like, “Ok, so QJ just choked on his AirPod”, and I am like what?’ Stroud explained to WSB-Tv. 

Her son was reportedly keeping a single of the AirPods in his mouth by the long component when he unintentionally gulped the headset into his abdomen.

Pictured: X-Ray shots show part of an Apple AirPod headset lodged inside a 7-year-previous boy’s tummy immediately after he accidentally swallowed it on December 27 

QJ (pictured) was rushed to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Egelston by

QJ (pictured) was rushed to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egelston following he reportedly was holding the an AirPod by the prolonged conclude in his mouth

‘I immediately U-turned my truck,’ Stroud stated, recalling how she raced to Children’s Health care of Atlanta Egelston. 

In a Facebook publish, Stroud reveals that she ‘drove [her] mail truck back on 2 wheels crying like a child.’

The moment at the crisis home, X-Ray photos of QJ’s abdomen show the AirPod lodged just underneath the rib cage.

Stroud said: ‘We in fact observed it simply because it has metal in it, so we could see it in the X-ray and I’m like, “This boy really swallowed his AirPod!”‘  

In accordance to Stroud, the physician at Kid’s Health care of Atlanta Egelston had no concept what an AirPod was and was taken aback at the ordeal. 

‘She was like, “An AirPod? You know, it is really unique. I never ever really listened to of this,” and I’m like, “Yeah, it’s a wi-fi headset,” and she was just shocked. I have in no way observed everything like it,’ she stated.  

Kiara Stroud (right) said the family did not 'yell at him, didn’t curse, didn’t ask why, didn’t tell him he was too old, didn’t shame him, and didn’t make the situation worse' when QJ (left) was taken to the ER

Kiara Stroud (correct) explained the relatives did not ‘yell at him, did not curse, didn’t ask why, did not inform him he was too outdated, didn’t disgrace him, and didn’t make the predicament worse’ when QJ (remaining) was taken to the ER 

Pictured: an Apple AirPod wireless headphone set similar to the one QJ received for Christmas

Pictured: an Apple AirPod wi-fi headphone established similar to the 1 QJ gained for Christmas 

Stroud remained adamant that they would not disgrace QJ for the stunning blunder. 

‘Today, we did not yell at him, did not curse, did not ask why, didn’t explain to him he was much too old, didn’t disgrace him, and did not make the situation worse,’ Stroud mentioned in a Facebook article.  

‘He presently felt terrible. He was afraid and nervous. We permit him know that every thing was going to be alright, stayed serene, and it helped him to take it easy so that the doctors could do their employment,’ she ongoing. 

Whilst the boy was ‘very nervous’ about getting in trouble, he was even additional anxious about how health professionals would eliminate the stuck AirPod. 

Doctors told QJ (pictured) that he would not need surgery and the AirPod would naturally pass through his system

Health professionals instructed QJ (pictured) that he would not will need surgical procedure and the AirPod would the natural way pass through his system

Luckily for us, doctors assured the family members that the AirPod would pass through QJ’s physique on its individual in a several days and the boy experienced practically nothing to fear about. 

Still, Stroud said QJ failed to want to be any place in close proximity to his cellphone in scenario the AirPod  unexpectedly connected and commenced actively playing songs. 

Stroud mentioned: ‘He was like, “Mother. I do not want my cellphone,” due to the fact he bought a cell phone for Xmas as nicely, and he’s like, “I don’t want to be near my mobile phone. I do not want it to join to my cellphone and start off actively playing songs.” I’m like, “Oh my God.” He’s a ridiculous child.’  

Stroud instructed WSB-Tv that she’ll probably adhere with outdated-fashioned, wired headsets till her son was a bit more mature.  

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