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The New and Improved Therapy For People With Speech And Communication Impairment

Speech plays a huge role in communicating to people at home, in work and other forms of human relationship or interaction. A person who is unable to communicate and talk well will find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings. However, more researchers have developed a more effective and quick way of treating with the help of advanced technology. The following are some examples of technological advancements that have been proven to improve communication and speech.

Children suffering from autism can be helped by Kasper, a robot created by the University of Hertfordshire research team. Children can interact with Kasper as it speaks with a child-like voice and can help them develop their social interactions by letting them play games or involve in an activity. It was in the year 2005 that Kasper was created and it took an intense research on autism, robotics and psychology and as well as assistive technology. Kasper has already reached to various schools with supervision from instructors and researchers. However, due to advanced technology, Kasper was improved to make it work wireless and more interactive through a tablet which a parent or a teacher can control conveniently.

Both the teacher and parent will now be able to control the robot to engage in games that will encourage the child with autism to imitate, show various facial expressions, and discuss with the child what makes him or her cry or be sad. This modern and advanced way of communicating is now being discussed of a possible mass production of the robot in the market to reach out to autistic children all over the world and help them improve their social skills and communication skills.

There are patients who are experiencing chronic speech disability due to stroke and it can be a distressing condition for them. Nowadays, there are Physical Therapy Billing Software to help stroke patients bring back their speech. Sheffield University has made a good example of this Physical Therapy Software which is a computerized therapy session or a planned program to gradually help the stroke patient with its speech and which can be done at home. This uses high-intensity stimulation through sounds, images and words to be presented to the patient in order for the damaged nervous systems to be provoked. There are Physical Therapy Billing Software reviews to check in order to understand its results and how this revolutionary invention made an impact to those who suffer speech impairment.

There are ways human beings are good at when it involves speech. We are able to hear the conversation amidst the noise and traffic in the background which means we can filter the sound and need only to hear what we want to hear. Researchers are also now focusing on speech synthesis and conversion of audio to text messages and create machines that can quickly and naturally interact just like human beings do. Creating such machine seems impossible today but technology has a long way to go and there is still so much room for improvement and development that scientists predict things will be more possible in the future to help as many people as they can that have impaired speech and will likely get treated in a more unique, efficient and effective way.